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coffee shop design

The coffee shop brings convenience to people. We can buy coffee and snacks easily in the street and in the shopping mall. It’s a good idea to run a coffee shop to earn money. If you own a shop that has 2 floors, don’t miss this food restaurant design.

The layout of the coffee shop

For a coffee shop that has two floors, usually, the first floor has a service counter and working area. The second floor has a dining table, chairs, and sofa. People can drink coffee and enjoy the views to relax.

coffee shop counterIntroduction of coffee shop furniture

Service counter

When people enter the coffee shop, they can order directly. Because the service counter along with the working area is set near the entrance. The front counter has glass display cabinets to display items. While next to it is the cashier counter with signage.

The back wall has a working counter, and equipment set on the countertop. There are wall-mounted cabinets on the wall to place necessary items. Near it is a beverage display machine. There is a metal grid room divider between the counter and stairs, that enhances the shop theme

Seating area

Seating is very important for a coffee shop. You can arrange the tables, chairs, and sofa in a suitable location based on shop size. It’s a good idea to arrange the individual table, 2-person table, and seating booth in advance. That fits different clients’ demands and can help you gain more clients. Besides, you can also use posters, and paintings to decorate the wall.

cafe restaurant booth  coffee store furniture

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