Modern style solid wood coffee shop customize restaurant design

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and quality of life, the fast-paced schedule life has occupied most of the time. And people are eager to slow down the fast-paced life in the appropriate space. 

Corner cafes have clearly shouldered that responsibility. A coffee shop is our daily leisure, business negotiations in one place. Under the premise of fashion, it is also warm and romantic. Let’s explore what factors designers should consider when designing a coffee shop.  



Today we want to share a modern style coffee shop design with you. The color theme is brown wooden color combined black color. For the layout of the coffee shop, we usually include a coffee kiosk, and on the back wall can hang on the lighted box menu, add the logo on the coffee kiosk etc.

The front side of the coffee kiosk has two glass display fridges that can display some foods. And on the back side of the coffee kiosk has the water sink, on the countertop can put the equipment machines. For example, the coffee machine, espresso machine, and the microwave oven. On the bottom, we can make it the cabinet for you to put some storage.



If you want to open a coffee shop, a good coffee shop design is very important. Our design team can provide a professional 3d coffee shop design to you. Please send us the size of your shop or if you have the floor plan is better. A customized 3d coffee shop design will cost a 500-1000$ design deposit.

We will make a new 3d shop model with your shop size and make the coffee shop food counter as you like. You can send the equipment list to us then we make them in the design. You can check the effect in the 3d and let us know if anything needs to change or not.

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