Colorful and Wood Cake Store Furniture for Sale

cake displayCake and chocolate are popular among people as it has a unique shape and delicious taste. Sweet food gives people a good spirit. No matter when you open a cake store or cake kiosk in the mall, I am sure that you will have a great business. Here is a nice cake store furniture design sharing with you.

Cake store furniture design

The cake store furniture includes a glass display cabinet, reception table, brand image wall, advertising area, and dining tables and chairs. Both large and small cake shop has a unique layout, in this case, you can gain more customers.

cup cake cabinetLayout information

Display showcase counter

As we can see in the cake store design, it has a large display counter in the front. We can place two glass display showcases to show cakes. And clients can buy them directly. The body has colorful stickers decoration, which makes the counter looks vivid.

Near it is a cashier counter with wood veneer finishes. It has green plants on the top for decoration, POS system is also sent here for checking bills. Under the counter has lock cabinets for storage.

cake store furniture Brand imagine wall

There is the brand name on the back wall and shop front, that allow people to notice you at the first sight. Advertising posters with delicious cakes and food. TV players also attach to the wall to show company culture and information to clients.

Dining table and sofa

The dining table is very useful in cake stores and food restaurants. Consumers can sit down to enjoy food, and can also meet with their time with friends. So you can choose tables, chairs and sofa match the shop theme. That makes people feel welcomed and will introduce you to their friends.

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