How To Arrange The Layout Of A Cosmetic Store?

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The design of the cosmetic showcase should match the decoration of the cosmetic store. How to make the two achieve harmony and unity at the same time can make the design look beautiful? The perfect and harmonious design of the makeup shop can attract more customers and give unexpected results. So this requires us to put a little more thought and effort into the layout of the cosmetics store. Because the benefits affected by the layout of a cosmetics store will not be reflected in a short time, over time, it can be seen that the layout of the store can affect the related benefits of the store.

Therefore, the importance of cosmetics store layout can not be ignored, only the design of an effective and reasonable layout can properly show the characteristics, texture and concept of the product. Let the consumer see the product information comprehensively, understand the function of the product, stimulate the consumer’s desire to buy. So how to layout a cosmetics store?

First of all, our designers should accurately measure the area and space size of cosmetics stores before carrying out layout design. This will greatly benefit our later work on the layout of the space. We must seriously consider the placement and space design of cosmetics counters and display cases and come up with the best plan. If the layout is not right, customers will be confused by the layout and space as soon as they enter the store and will have a bad impression of your brand. So in the design and decoration plan is the most basic and the most important link.

Secondly, the design of cosmetics counters and display cases should cooperate with the store decoration style. The design of our cosmetics counter should determine the color and characteristics of the display cabinet according to the style of the cosmetics store, so as to highlight the brand connotation and exhibit advantages. In the cosmetics store, there are a variety of products, such as skin care products, facial masks, makeup, lipstick and so on, which will make customers feel dazzled. We need to carry out store decoration and counter design according to the diversity of products, so we need to design display cabinets for each type of products in line with them.

We can divide the layout of the cosmetics store into the following parts:

  • Cashier & reception area

The cashier’s area is most commonly located on the right side of the door or at the end of the store. But I personally think the right side of the door is the best choice. Because customers can walk around the store and end up back at the checkout. For the design of the checkout counter, we need to add elements that highlight the characteristics of the brand. You can put your brand logo on the design of the checkout counter. A feature wall can be made behind the checkout counter, and the brand logo can also be placed on the design of the feature wall.

  • Product Display Area

This area is the largest area occupied by a cosmetic store. There will be wall cabinets and wall display shelves on both sides of the wall. The style and style of these wall display cabinets can be designed according to the types of products. Generally, the laminates are mainly displayed, and the decoration of some light belts and light boxes will be very good.

The middle area of the cosmetics store can be set up with some makeup areas, set up mirrors and high stools, where employees can help customers to do styling and makeup. Guests can also try out the products themselves. Some small display stands can also be placed in the middle of the cosmetics store. The display stand can also be equipped with some mirrors so that customers can see what they look like when they try the products.

  • Advertising area

Add some advertising machines or posters to the wall to play pictures and videos, so that guests can better understand your brand and products. You can also set up a social media wall and design something interesting related to your brand to attract guests to take photos here.

  • Rest area

Most customers of cosmetic shops are women, but they may be accompanied by male friends, partners, children, etc. So we can set up a rest area where women can go shopping and their partners or husbands can sit and rest.

We know that the cosmetics store display products have multiple varieties, different items to decorate also have differences and space design requirements, can we learn from the perspective of consumers, to look at the store of the exhibits, makes every effort to give a person a kind of pure and fresh and natural, harmonious and elegant and comfortable feeling, if we are to different exhibits unique arrangement and thoughtful arrangement, the space of the clever foil, Will let the customer no longer produce monotonous boring visual fatigue. In short, cosmetics counter design with store decoration is a necessary measure, from the perspective of customers, in order to design a cosmetics counter in line with the public.


1. Open the door to make it easy for customers to enter. 

All brand stores are to be open and easy to access. If a shop is three doors, open in the middle, the two sides must be glass.

The purpose of the glass installation is to allow customers to see inside you. We can put the best-selling products at the door. That way people will see it as they walk by and it will draw them into the store. Open doors are generally wide. Don’t make them too narrow or difficult to enter. All store portal design should follow one principle: it is easy for customers to come in.

2. Route design to make customers willing to stay. 

The second principle is that the longer the customer stays, the better the chance of selling the product. The route of almost all cosmetics stores is carefully designed, and the placement of products is also important. The products at the door must be popular and hot selling. At the end, some products that guests will not often buy can be set up, or these products can be placed in some corners. But products that sell well need good exposure and publicity.

3. The display area should be full and the space should be effectively used.

The third principle, the most efficient use of space. That is, the layout of the cosmetics store, follow the principle of making full use of the space. To meet the needs of customers, it is necessary to make the display of the whole store very full, if you want to make the display area of the cosmetics store full, it is necessary to make the most effective use of the whole space.

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