Popular Cosmetic Shop Furniture Curved Counter for Sale

cosmetic shop furniture

Do you want a popular and attractive cosmetic shop? In recent years, many poeple choose to customize cosmetic shop furniture. They can decorate the cosmetic shop based on their ideas, and can also show products well. Today, I want to share a nice cosmetic shop with you.

Cosmetic shop furniture design

This cosmetic shop decorates in pink color, looks attractive and lovely. There are curved counters, wall cabinets, and round display counters to show different kinds of items. Compared to a regular cosmetics store, this is more like an online celebrity shop.

cosmetic furnitureLayout information

It’s very important to set display counters and cabinets in the sales window. Clients can view products directly and attracts by interior shop design. There is round shape display counter near the wall. So you can place cosmetic samples and lipsticks here.

In the shop center, you can set a curved counter here. It’s a good idea to use it as a working area. Mirrors and fill lights can be placed here. Guests can even experience make-up services here.

cosmetic cabinetBrand signage

We can attach brand signage to the back wall, slogan, and lightbox painting on the wall to increase a warm atmosphere. Besides, advertising machines are placed on the walls to display new products and company culture.


The main material is MDF to build the cosmetic counter, and the surface material is white baking paint in pink color. The countertop can use the stone to increase the shop effects. You can also use tempered glass showcases to increase better showcase area.

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