Pink and Black Cosmetic Store Furniture For Sale

makeup store furniture

Attractive and lovely shop design gives people a good spirit. Its appeals to target customers and can also high level the cosmetics. No matter when you plan to open a cosmetic shop, purchasing useful display cabinets is necessary. Today here is nice cosmetic shop furniture according to your requirements.

Description of cosmetic store design

The cosmetic store furniture includes wall cabinets, center display, reception counter, etc. We can arrange all the fixtures well according to your shop sizes. The material is MDF with a glossy paint surface. It also has a metal frame to make the cabinet looks better.

skin care store furnitureWall cabinets

There are wall cabinets with open shelving on both sides. They are in black color and bottom has white drawers for storage. Each display shelving has a metal frame at the ends, and the top shelving has the product name as guidance. It reminds poeple to select products in suitable areas and can also help employees to sort out items.

Center display counter

In the middle of the shop has a display counter. It uses as a working table. Clients can sit down and accept makeup services, while the entrance can place a set of makeup. Both sides are display cabinets with storage, it’s a good place to show makeup samples.

cosmetic shop fixtureBusiness sign & adverting

A business name and logo are very important for a cosmetic shop. We can attach the brand logo to the back wall along with adverting posters. Clients can remember you well when entering your shop. It’s a good idea to hang posters on the sales widow.

You can also add individual display showcases in the glass window to show items to the public. Soft sofas and chairs are a plus for beauty shops, please don’t ignore them.


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