Red Color Decoration Perfume Shop Furniture Metal Display For Sale

perfume store displayIt’s a profitable idea to open a perfume shop. No matter how unique the layout of your shop would be, we can customize the perfume shop furniture for you. You can also decorate it according to your ideas. If it’s your first business, don’t miss this high-end perfume shop design.

Description of perfume shop furniture

The main tone of the perfume shop is red and golden color, which looks high-end and luxurious. We can use plywood to build the body of the cabinets, and the surface is red laminate with flannel decoration. Metal display frame to a high level the top theme.

perfume shop furnitureLayout information

As we can see in the layout plan, the wall cabinets are set to surround the shop to increase the display showcase area. The reception counter and center display make the shop looks better.

Wall cabinets

Wall cabinets have multiple shelvings, each layer can place a collection of fragrances, and you can provide samples for customers to choose from. The frame and top are made of metal, which is convenient to use.

perfume store cabinetReception counter

There is a reception desk with a return in the middle of the shop, you can serve energy clients enter the shop. You can also use it as a bill counter. It also has a golden metal display.

Center display

There are two display counters in the shop, you can place perfumes on 4 sides, which is convenient to purchase perfumes. You can even set glass display counters if in need.

Glass window stand

Individual see-through display stand set in the front of the glass window, clients can see both products and your shop theme from outside. It has a curved shape and looks very unique. And bottom cabinets with locks to store more products.

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