Luxury Perfume Shop Furniture Modern Perfume Wall Cabinet for Sale

perfume store design

Poeple likes to go to luxury and high end perfume shop, so it’s a good idea to open a nice perfume shop. The perfume shop has wall display cabinet, open shelving, storage booth and cabinets. You can add whatever you think that make the perfume shop look good. Here is a nice perfume shop design sharing with you.

Description of perfume shop furniture

The main tone of the perfume shop is black and golden color. Each shelving has warm light to increase the brightness. We use MDF with matte glossy baking paint to make the cabinets and counters. If you want a different effect, it’s a good idea to choose plywood as basic material and wood veneer.

perfume shop display

Layout information

This perfume shop layout is very important, it gives poeple the first impression. We can set display counters in the front area. There is a display counter in the shop center. You can use it as service counter or use to display perfumes for sale. The wall cabinets has oval display cabinets in the middle. Open shelves can place more perfumes for sale.

perfume booth cabinetReception desk

The reception desk usually use as check out counter. Poeple can learn more about your perfumes and can also find suitable products by talking with employees. The desk has metal with light surround it. The front area has has strip decoration with metal business name.

Behind it has a large business brand image wall, that highlight the shop theme. We can also use bulb light with light strip to decorate the wall. That can increase the brilliant. Posters and TV players is good to promoting the brand and new products.

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