Black Wooden and Golden Perfume Shop for Sale

perfume shop furniture

Do you plan to open a perfume shop to earn money? Perfumes are popular in our daily life because it gives poeple a pleasant smell. No matter when you plan to open a perfume shop, purchasing a good perfume display is a good idea. Here is a high-end perfume shop sharing with you.

Description of a perfume shop

As we can see in the design, the leading tone of the perfume shop is gray and golden color. That makes the perfume shop look good and also displays more perfumes in a good way. Main materials include plywood, solid wood finishes, 8mm tempered glass, and a lighting lamp.

perfume display counterWall cabinets

Wall cabinets are very important ie perfume shops because it is part of perfume shop decoration. We can use different styles of wall cabinets, such as open display shelving with posters or business names. It is good to set behind the bill counter. The display cabinets with many grids, and each cabinet can place perfumes for sale. It’s a good set in front of the glass wall because clients can see the shop decoration through.

perfume shop furniture

Glass window display

Don’t ignore the glass window display. Because it’s a good place to appeal to clients to enter your shop. We can see different levels of display standing in front of the window. They can place the perfumes in a good way. Whatever good decoration you can add to make your shop looks better.

perfume standReception counter

There is a U-shaped display counter in the middle, both sides are black tables. We can set perfumes inside the glass cabinets. And use a side counter as a working area. Near it is a round table with single sofa chairs. Clients can sit down here to talk to the employees.

Lighting is also very important in the perfume shop. It accentuates the theme and creates a serene atmosphere.

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