High-end skin care product display cabinet cosmetic shop design

Selling cosmetic products is a good business to start. In order to attract more customers come to visit your cosmetic shop, the cosmetic store design is really important. We do not mean to make the cosmetic store how luxurious but need to make it to be attractive enough to get the customer’s attention.

This is a high-end skin care product display cabinet cosmetic shop design we want to share with you. You can check it for reference and hope it can work for you.



In the middle of the skin care shop is a cashier counter with the size about 2m in length. It is a white color counter with a gold stainless steel strip and the toe kick is gold color stainless steel also. On the back of this cashier counter is a gold stainless steel logo.



Against the wall of the cosmetic store has many display cabinets. The top of the cosmetic store wall display cabinet has the lighted box and the brand name of the cosmetic. It is the wooden display shelf and each shelf has an led strip light. On the bottom has two storage drawers.

In the middle of the cosmetic shop has many display stands also. This cosmetic store needs to display many kinds of products so we need to make the display furniture functional. So that you can have enough space to display the products that you want.

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