Modern style cosmetics store skin care display showcase design

Because of the improvement in living standards, people now have higher and higher requirements for beauty. A cosmetic showcase is indispensable for cosmetic shops. In addition, to display the goods better, there is a very important role is to attract the attention of customers. 

Therefore, the cosmetic showcase is very particular about the appearance of the design. And the designers need to give full play to their imagination to create different images. In this article, we want to share with you a modern style cosmetics store skin care display showcase design.



As we usually say, the display showcase is really essential for a cosmetics store. Before we make the design of the cosmetics shop, we need to clear the shop style first. If you want a simple style then we cannot make the store furniture too fancy.

We can use some clean colors like the wood with white color, look comfortable and clean. Meanwhile, we can add some lights to better show the products.

The display showcase of this cosmetics store is almost the wall display cabinet. In the design of the cosmetics shop, the wall display cabinet is the wooden display shelf with led strip light on each layer. On the top of the skin care product display showcase has the lighted box. In the lighted box, you can put the poster inside as you want.



Our company can make a new cosmetics shop 3d design for you. If you can send us the floor plan of the shop or the size of the cosmetics store will be best. Our designer will put the display furniture inside the 3d shop model then you can see the whole effect of the skin care shop.

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