Retail cosmetic shop display furniture store decoration design

Cosmetics are a must for women. In the decoration of cosmetics stores, we need to select the design style first. And the layout should be reasonably arranged in the display area, waiting area and cashier area.

In this way, so that the customers can feel relaxed, comfortable and warm in the process of shopping.  Next, we will introduce the design style and decoration skills of cosmetics stores.  



Because we mainly sell the makeup products. We need to arrange a place for customers to try the product.

We need to design more mirrors in the cosmetic store so that customers can see the effect clearly at all times in the process of makeup.  

For the cosmetic shop decoration, we should pay attention to the display area of products.

The cosmetic store usually sells more than one kind of goods, we need to separate the different brands and different functions. In order to let customers feel clean and orderly at a glance.  




For the material of the cosmetic shop display furniture, we usually use MDF with baking paint. The surface finish is smooth and shiny and various colors are available. On each display shelf of the display showcase, we can install the led strip light and on the top we can make some logo or lighted box.

The design of the display stand can make it match the whole cosmetic shop style. Generally speaking, white and black color are the most common colors then both can match with gold color.



Our professional design team can make a customized cosmetic shop design for you. Our design service includes the shop interior decoration, the display showcase design and light effect etc.

We can make the 3d design exactly fit your shop with your shop size and layout.

If you want to start a cosmetic store, please welcome to contact us as soon as possible!



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