Cosmetic Store Furniture Design Modern Perfume Shop Furniture

Modern and attractive cosmetic shop decoration become popular among poeple. Because it can make your shop outstanding and professional. No matter when you plan to open a cosmetic store, this cosmetic store helps you well. It can help you arrange shop furniture in a good location and also decorate the cosmetic store in a good way.

The tone of the cosmetic store

The main tone of cosmetic store furniture is metal and smoothie white. That makes the cosmetic shop look good and highlights the products. Materials include golden metal decoration and white MDF with glossy baking paint. It creates a luxury and warm shop feeling.

cosmetic counter

Cosmetic store furniture

The cosmetic store includes wall decoration posters, an LED mirror on the wall, an individual display counter, and center display cases. We can make the cosmetic store furniture fit for both shop designs and products.

cosmetic store furniture

Metal display stand

The metal display stand plays in front of the glass door. It’s a good way to express your shop theme and items to the clients. Besides, you can also add glass display shelving to place more goods.

cosmetic shop design

Center display counter

We can see the center area has glass display counters. It has metal decoration and white light at the bottom to highlight the display counter. The top has a glass display showcase with a light lamp, it’s good to show items to the clients and protect goods well.  Cashier counter with curved corner, that looks very glossy and smoothie.

The mirror and sofa set in the cosmetic store, make the cosmetic shop look better. Brilliant ceiling light also has metal decoration, which highly matches the shop theme.

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