Attractive Cosmetic Store Furniture Unique Wall Display for Sale

Cosmetic store furniture become popular among poeple. Before opening a cosmetic store, we should find a good location with a suitable shop size. Besides, you should focus more on the cosmetic store decoration, display effect, and layout. No matter when you plan to start, this cosmetic store design may help you well.

cosmetic store furniture

Cosmetic store decoration

The main tone of the cosmetic store is a pink and purple color with a wood finish, looks creative and lovely. We can also use golden metal to decorate the cosmetic store, which increases a high-end feeling and highlight the cosmetic products. We also use a balloon and artificial grass to make the cosmetic shop looks better.

perfume display showcase

Cosmetic store display

The cosmetic store display includes wall cabinets, display shelving, double side display counter, window display, and cashier counter. We can add unique elements to make the cosmetic shop look good.

Wall cabinets

There are two different styles of wall cabinets in the cosmetic shop. It has arch-shaped wall shelving with lighting on the top. It has display shelving on both sides to place items, while the bottom has lock cabinets used as storage. While the tall cabinet against to the wall has multiple layers according to product height, which can show items in a good way.

Center display

There is a large center display in front of the wall cabinets. That has a double display shelving on both sides. Clients can purchase items well and can also place small jewelry products on the top. Two sides have a metal frame in golden color.

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is set inside the cosmetic shop. It has wooden color decoration, that matches the store display well. While there is a metal table and metal frame cabinets in front of the sales window. People can view products when passing by.

cosmetic shop furniture cosmetic display rack cosmetic wall cabinet

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