Golden Metal Cosmetic Store Furniture Retail Counter for Sale

Cosmetic shops and perfume shops are everywhere on the street. Nearly everyone like to buy cosmetics in the beautiful and wonderful shops. If you plan to open a cosmetic store to earn money, focus more on the shop decoration and layout. Here is a nice cosmetic store decoration sharing with you.

perfume store design

Cosmetic store design

The cosmetic store is designed to show cosmetics and provide cosmetic services. It includes a golden display counter, wall display shelving, and alcove cabinets. We can also set a display counter with a mirror on the wall, clients can sit down and accept makeup services.

perfume shop layout

Layout information

From the layout plan, we can see there is a round metal display with a large poster in the middle. That high level of the cosmetic shop makes people view your products from the sales window. Enter the shop, we can see there is a large golden metal table in the shop center, it has a white countertop that is convenient for clients to purchase goods

perfume shop display

Large wall with LED mirror high level the cosmetic store. It has a floating counter to place items. While the bottom has space for legs. There are wall display shelving and round-shaped cabinets to put items. We can also add lighting and unique styles in the styles.

The cashier counter is near the entrance door so that you can serve everyone for the first time. Lighting makes the cosmetic shop modern and brilliant. Don’t ignore the cosmetic stores. If you have any new requirements, we can add them to your shop design.

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