Wooden Cosmetic Store Furniture Wall Display Cabinet for Sale

Cosmetic store furniture become popular because many poeple plan to start a cosmetic business to earn money. No matter how unique of cosmetic shop theme you want, you can get a wonderful solution in Unique Kiosk. We have an excellent design team to come up with new 3D design ideas for you. And high skilled workers produce the shop furniture according to confirmed design. Here is a nice cosmetic store design to share with you.

cosmetic shop furniture

The tone of the cosmetic shop

We can use wood to build the cosmetic shop furniture and use artificial grass decoration. That creates a natural and luxurious atmosphere. The main material is plywood with wood veneer. Dark purple with white letters in the middle makes the furniture look better. 3D luminous logo attaches to the wall and cabinets attracts eyes’ attention and makes people remember you well.

cosmetic store display

Cosmetic store introduction

Wall cabinet

We can see there are wall cabinets on both sides. That is part of shop decoration and can show items in a good way. It has many layers of different heights to fit different products. Each layer has a light lamp to increase brightness and high-level products. While the middle of the top has a lightbox poster for advertising. We can use the bottom cabinets as the storage area.

wooden cosmetic store furniture

Center display cabinet

Nearly every shop has center display cabinets. They are double sides displays where you can show more products. It has a wood body and the top has a stairs style, increasing the sense of hierarchy in the display area. The Top has a wooden frame and looks vivid and lovely.

cosmetic display cabinet

Cashier counter

There is a curved reception counter on the left side, it uses as a cashier counter. Behind is brand logo wall, that reminds poeple of your company culture and services.

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