High-End Cosmetic Store Furniture Wall Cabinet for Sale

Everyone likes an attractive and unique cosmetic store to start a business. Because it is helpful to promote the products and enhance the brand theme. Today, I want to share a nice cosmetic store decoration with you. You can get good ideas to decorate your cosmetic shops.

cosmetic shop furniture

Cosmetic store layout

The layout of the furniture is very important for a cosmetic store. Because it determines where to place the items and how to guide poeple to buy products. It’s better to make a layout plan first and you can make full use of the space. Besides, making 3D design based on the layout plan can help you determine final design.

cosmetic cabinet

Introduction of cosmetic shop fixture

The cosmetic shop fixture includes wall display cabinets, display counter and cabinets and cashier counter. We can also add business logo and posters in the suitable area.

Wall cabinets

There is wood cabinets with adjustable shelving on the wall, you can place items here directly. Glass display cabinets with open shelving, it is good to set in the display shelving. It is good to place in the sales window, that people can view your products well. We can add light lamp each layer to increase brightness.

cosmetic cabinet

Reception counter

Ther reception counter set at the back side, it has a marble stone to decorate the counter body. While the back has cabinets and drawer for storage. While there is a desk set near the entrance, it has glass display cabinet neart it. That can increase the sales area.

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