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cashier counter

Do you plan to open a daily necessities store? It’s a profit idea to open a daily necessities store because you can sell all kinds of products. Here is a nice necessities store sharing with you. You can arrange the space to place suitable items. Le’s view details here.

wall cabinet

Description of necessities store

The main tone of the necessities store is wood and white. That makes the necessities store looks high-end and gives people a warm feeling. We can use Plywood to make the fixture, and surface use wood veneer to make. Lighting and posters make the shop look good and increase brightness.

retail shop fixture

Wall cabinets

We can set wall display shelving, wall-mounted cabinets, and wall cabinets. It has multiple layers of shelving to place products. And the bottom of the cabinets has drawers to store items. There is a metal frame to support the cabinets, we can also add a slat wall with hooks here to hang more products for sale.

convenience store furniture

Center display shelving

Center display is very important in the retail convenience store. It has a double side display showcase area, clients can purchase items once they enter into the shop.

Sales window display

Glass window displays are important for a retail shop. That allows poeple to view your business and products easily. We can also attach advertising to this area to attract eyes attention.

Reception counter

The reception counter, viewed as the cashier counter, is set at the back wall. We can leave space in the middle area to place small items. So that clients can take away when checking bills. You can also decorate the retail shop according to your brand theme. Please contact us to view more details.

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