5 Main Keys For The Toy Store Decoration Design

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It is human nature to love to play, and toys are things for people to play with. In theory, mahjong games, cards, balls and other adults often used objects, belonging to toys, only after the implementation of the class of fine differentiation. Naturally, the driving force of today’s toy industry still comes from the sales market of children and adolescents. It is very important that the demand of the toy market has increased significantly after family consumption slowly began to give priority to the requirements of children. Many entrepreneurs are looking for an opportunity to open a toy store, but how can a toy store make money?

If you want to make money in a toy store, business analysis and product positioning are the main things. In addition to the large traffic of business circles, general areas of toy stores, and nearby households are key consumers. Operators carry out detailed market research, according to the analysis of store rent, operating costs and other aspects. In this way, suitable product positioning can be carried out, the key products of toy stores can be selected correctly, the store operation scale is also clear, and the stores with high-cost performance can be selected. If you can know the toy purchase requirements of local customers, and carry out the purposeful purchases of goods, then the toy store will be better to start.

5 Main keys for the toy store decoration design

  • Toy store decoration Design – Theme

Whether it is a children’s toy store or an animation toy store, the interior design of a toy store should set a theme according to the characteristics of the toy, and decorate the interior of the toy store around the theme, so that the theme has indoor characteristics, which is the only good way to decorate a toy store. At the same time, to create a theme image, it is easy to give consumers a deep feeling and impression. For example, in the children’s toy store, the theme created by the designer is forest paradise. There are some small animals crawling, lying down and leaning on the trees, which are very lively and lovely, especially to attract the attention of children. That’s not a bad idea.

  • Toy store decoration Design – Trend

The consumption trend of toy stores is constantly changing. If the best-selling toys in toy stores have undergone some changes, but the decoration style has not changed, it is bound to bring aesthetic fatigue to consumers. Therefore, according to the theme of the best-selling toys in toy stores, the structure layout of toy stores can be adjusted from time to time. It can go back to the first point of content and modify the theme of the toy store according to the types of toys sold, in order to emphasize the importance of toys in the store and leave a strong impression on consumers.

  • Toy store decoration Design – Brand

Some stores specializing in a certain brand of products often take the logo of the product as decoration, repeated in the door, wall decoration, display devices, and packaging bags, to strengthen the impression of customers. Toy stores can also adopt this method, such as cartoon toy stores, which can be Doraemon, or Hello kitty pattern as the theme, repeatedly applied in the process of decoration, with the purpose of deepening customers’ memory.

  • Toy store decoration Design – Brand

In the toy store decoration design, the color choice is mainly bright. The toy store decoration design reflects the characteristics of the store through the use of color, color will also affect people’s moods and feelings, so the toy store decoration design should choose the right color to be the main color of the decoration. Toy store decoration design in the choice of color, you can choose orange and light green and light blue is appropriate, in the choice of color, but also to consider the decoration color and toy collocation coordination. Only by changing the color can we shape the characteristics of our stores. At the same time, the toy store decoration design also requires the lighting to be soft and full of emotional appeal.

  • Toy store decoration Design – Sense of security

Toy store decoration is designed to give customers a sense of security. For children’s toy stores, giving customers a sense of security, is the key to determining consumer shopping mood, this security come needs several aspects:

First, the design decorated in the toy store is not set too many dead Angle. When people can see what’s happening around can feel safest, so toy store decoration design with concise and gives priority, to minimizing the dark side.

Second, toy store decoration design according to the characteristics of the target groups to build the store style, mainly for children’s toys in the toy shop, decorate to create an accord with children’s psychology, preferences and habits of the atmosphere. With some of the more let a person feel lively design, with cartoon design, the most common and to find the optimal toy shop decoration design. It is necessary to spend more thought on children’s psychology.

The layout of the toy store decoration design

The above is the toy store decoration design needs to pay attention to a few points. However, when we actually make the design of the toy store, the first thing we need to do is to arrange the layout of the toy store. Before laying out the layout of the toy store, we need to accurately measure the size of the store and make a floor plan. The layout of a toy store we set to the following parts:

  • Reception desk/cashier area

The cashier desk is an important part of a toy store. In the design of the cashier desk, we can put the brand logo and some distinctive things to reflect the characteristics of the brand. This area can be sized according to the overall size of the store.

  • Product Display Area

The product display area occupies the main part of the whole toy store and is also the largest one in the area. In this area, you can set up wall display, middle display cabinets and other display cabinets to facilitate your product placement.

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