4 Helpful Idea For Open An Optical Shop

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In modern society, glasses not only have their original function but also are a must-have item for many fashion and fashion people. Therefore, opening an optical shop has become a trend. But commercial positioning is the most important. When you want to open an optician shop, be sure to make a complete and comprehensive plan and fully prepare for the opening.

The management characteristics of optical shops, while forming a unique style, must also be considered comprehensively, that is, the audience, service standards, grade positioning. When the glasses shop is decorated, the design should reflect the characteristics of the glasses brand, the decoration goal should be clear, and the quality should be reliable.

The details of the optical store decoration matters needing attention are also the focus of the decoration. There are many places to pay attention to in the decoration process. Some details are easy to be ignored, which will bring a lot of trouble in the later stage. Generally speaking, an optical shop needs to be renovated at least every 3-5 years, so the decoration design of the optical shop is particularly important. Based on our years of experience, we have summarized the following points, hoping to be helpful to the friends who are about to open an optical shop. 

4 Helpful ideas for open an optical shop

Feature wall design:

The image wall design of optical shop is not only a wall, it is to express the corporate image of an optical shop, convey corporate culture, show the strength of the enterprise, let consumers leave a deep impression on your optical shop, improve the public’s awareness of the optician. In addition, the design of the image wall should have an overall unified standard. No matter how many glasses shops you have, your image wall design needs to be unified, including counters and color collocation, which can constitute an overall corporate image. It’s a very slow process throughout the system.

The moving line of the whole plane of the optical shop:

The moving line of the plane is very important in the design of the entire optical shop. It is mainly the guide of the flow direction when consumers shop in the optical shop. If the optician does not do this well, it will affect consumer sentiment. So the design of the circuit must be very reasonable. Let the customer be able to distinguish between the upscale area and the normal area.

Optical store lighting design:

The store design, the store should have a lighting design. Usually when people go into an optician’s shop, if the shop is too dark, customers don’t want to stay too long. Therefore, if optical shops want to retain customers, lighting design is indispensable. We must highlight the glasses display area. Of course, the creativity of display can be used to integrate different products into the design. We usually use transparent glass in the design, but because the material of glass and glasses is very close, it is not easy to form a contrast. In order to highlight the brightness of glasses, we can use some heavy materials to set off.

Because the light in the optical shop is complementary to color, light should be able to highlight the charm of color in contrast, and increase the charm of the optical shop value, so in the optical shop decoration design to make full use of the light, at the same time in the optical shop decoration lighting design can not blindly seek uniform and simple lighting.

There should be a reasonable and effective contrast of lighting brightness to create a strange lighting effect. In addition, it should be noted that the lighting decoration is more exquisite, different lighting decoration design can bring different effects, different optical shops have different optical shop decoration style, then there are different lighting design, so the lighting decoration design should be consistent with the overall image of the optical shop.

Optical store color matching design:

When the store design, optician store has a variety of color design. Usually, when designing an optician’s shop, don’t use too many colors, otherwise the whole shop will be very messy. So we do not use too many colors in the decoration design of opticians.

The color treatment of the store decoration plays an important role in the shape effect of the perfect store. We should make full use of color contrast and harmony, in order to strengthen the artistic characteristics of modeling, enrich the effect of modeling, and create ideal visual charm. In general, the color tone of the store is appropriate to high brightness warm tone, prominent components or key parts can be according to their physical characteristics and reflect the needs of commercial building decoration atmosphere, with the corresponding contrast color. In order to highlight the identification of the optical store, the store brand, logo pattern and markers, but also can use high purity bright color, to give a striking display.

The style of the optical store

  • Simple style

The store had contracted but not simple design, our principle is to make the store is simple and practical ability to store the soul have reveal simple breath. Delicate and return to natural design highlights the master original taste and desire to return to nature.

  • High-end style

From space to display shape, finely crafted, meticulous impression to the person. At the same time and keep the material qualitative, colorific roughly feeling, can grasp the traditional history and profound cultural background.

  • Simple but elegant style

Optical shop design of simple but elegant color space and great vitality of creative think of opportunely, make the whole space glasses composed atmosphere, colour and luster is full. Atmospheric modelling, exhibiting ark with elegant background wall, combined makes whole space and elegant and generous.

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