Pink and Green Decoration Coffee Shop Furniture Design

coffee shop counter

Do you like coffee shop furniture for business? Usually, poeple like to go to the coffee shop because of the silent environment. They can study, deal with work and even meet with friends. Today, I’d like to share a beautiful coffee shop design with you. I am sure that you will have many customers.

Description of coffee shop furniture

According to the coffee shop design, we can see the main tone is pink and green, which makes the coffee shop creative and luxurious. The display counter has green hexagon tile decorations, that express a natural and fresh feeling.

coffee shop furnitureService counter

The service counter is mainly used to sell coffee and is convenient for clients to order. We can also set bar chairs in the front so that poeple can sit down and enjoy their food. While we can see the backside has wall cabinets and shelving. It is good to show items for convenience to use. You can also attach a brand sign with backlit on the wall, allowing poeple to remember your business well. Please don’t forget to measure equipment sizes in advance, so that we can leave enough space to place them.

cafe store furnitureDining table and chairs

The dining table and chairs fit the rest of the shop. You can place it near the wall along with a sofa. There are 3 mirrors with pink decorations attached to the wall, we can also add Neon slogan letters to remind poeple of the business. Today, I want to share a nice design drawing.

We can also set chairs in the middle with chairs surrounding. That allows people to sit down with their friends.

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