Retro Style Coffee Shop Furniture Bubble Tea Counter for Sale

bubble tea store furniture

Coffee shops and bubble tea stores are popular among people. Because they want to drink a cup of coffee and bubble tea in their spare time. A unique coffee shop attracts more clients and promotes your brand themes. If you are looking for retro coffee shop decoration, don’t ignore this article. I am sure you will get good ideas.

Coffee shop furniture description

This coffee shop’s main tone is golden and gray, and the wooden color looks very attractive and luxurious. We can also use green plants to decorate the wall and furniture, which can give people a creative and lovely feeling. Chandeliers and wall lights decoration are very important, spending time and energy to select suitable lighting for your shop.

wine bar counterFurniture introduction

We can see in the design, that there is a service counter on the backside, clients can order coffee here directly. There are lightbox paintings and menus hanging on the top as guidance. We set wall cabinets along with a working table behind, which is convenient to use. We will also leave space for necessary equipment and also install a water sink on the counter table.

There are wall-mounted tables on the wall with backlit semicircular metal on the wall with backlit. While between two tables has wooden frame decoration we can add a mirror in the center. Each table allows two people to sit down and enjoy their coffee.

coffee shop counter

While another side has a golden metal table with a hanging basket decoration chair. It creates a great store atmosphere and is fun for the clients, worthing trying in your coffee shop.

Brand signage

Brand signage is golden metal letters with luminous in the front. It has a metal frame surrounding the signage so that clients can view you at the first sight. We can also attach the brand logo to the counter body.

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