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coffee shop counter

Do you plan to open coffee shop to earn money? Coffee shops become popular among poeple, because they can relax and get rid of work pressure. Here is a nice coffee shop design sharing with you.

Description of coffee shop

The main tone of coffee shop is brown color, that create a high end shop theme and gives people a deep impression. No matter what size of coffee shop you have, we can make counters fit for your business. Materials includes plywood, wood veneer, warm lighting and stainless steel. We can also use the materials you require to build the coffee counter.

coffee store displayLayout information

The coffee shop incluses service counter, working area, display shelves and seating area. It’s better to make a layout plan first, so that we can arrange furniture in suitable area.

Service counter area

The service counter set near the glass window, you can service every clients directly. It includes disply showcase area, cashier counter, storage cabinets, etc. You can also hang menu and light box painting here to guide poeple to order.

While we can see the back side can use for prepare coffee for sale. Water sink equipments can place here for usage. You can also set wall display cabinets with open layers to display coffee beans for sale.

cafe shop designSeating area

Seating area includes dining table with chairs, bar counter with bar chairs and even sofa. People can sit down to enjoy coffee, they can even meet with friends here and even read newspapers.

Wall decoration, wall mounted cabinets and posters are also part of coffee shop decoration. If you have no idea, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our professional design team can give you good design solutions.

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