Red and White Coffee Shop Counter Retail Store Design

coffee shop furniture

No matter how big is your coffee shop, it’s better to purchase suitable furniture to start a business. You can open a small coffee shop as the first business. Most people open businesses to earn money because nearly everyone drinks coffee in their spare time. Here is a nice coffee shop sharing with you.

Description of the coffee shop counter

This coffee shop has a display counter for work and serving poeple. A tall glass display shelf is set in front of the glass window. We can also set bar counters, sofa, and tables, and business names hang the shopfront. The main tone is red and gray, looks very attractive.

coffee counterDetails information

We can see there is a tall display shelving in the sales window, you can place coffee beans and products here to gain customers. That can make poeple understand your business well and enter into your shop.

Next to it is a service counter, which is mainly used to order food and pick up food here. So this counter has a business name, glass display showcase, cashier register, menu, and posters. Behind is a working area, coffee machine, and blender place here for better usage. You can also add a water sink for washing hands and keep the counter clean. Near it is a beverage machine, people can buy beverages if in need.

coffee store design

Seating area

The seating area is very important for a retail shop. If your shop is small, adding a small bar counter close to the wall is a good idea. Allowing 2-4 people to sit down together. When you have enough time, considering to add tables in squared or round shapes with chairs. A soft sofa is also a good option as it is suitable for family and friends to sit together.

Don’t forget to create a business brand wall, that can make poeple remember you well and help to get a good reputation. Lighting and wall decoration also be very important. If you have good ideas, welcome to communicate with us. We can make your thoughts come true!

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