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Burgers and bread are common food in our daily life. People buy fast food fast to save time and back to work. It’s a profitable idea to open a burger shop. We can use the light, shop furniture, and wall decor to create a high-end atmosphere. Here is a nice fast food shop design to share with you.

Description of fast food shop design

In most fast food shops, people can buy hamburgers, coffee, juice, french fries, and even chickens easily. In fact, you can provide all kinds of food and drinks to gain more clients. The restaurant furniture includes a service counter, kitchen room cabinets, dining table, and chairs.

retro burger food boothService area

The service counter is important in a food shop because people order and pick up food here. Usually, it is connected to the kitchen to facilitate the delivery of food to improve work efficiency. The service area includes a service counter, display showcase, and working counter with a sink, menu, and posters.

We use artificial grass to decorate the counter body. While the countertop uses quartz stone, which looks high-end and durable to use. Under the countertable has a light lamp to highlight the counters.

retail fast food shopCustomer seating area

The dining table, chairs, and sofa consist of the seating area, that allows clients to sit down and enjoy their food with friends. Remember to place all the furniture in a suitable area and leave enough space for work.

A light lamp creates a special atmosphere and expresses your shop theme to the clients. Solid wood wall decoration along with a luminous business logo makes people remember you well. If you have any ideas, just contact us. We can make it come true!

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