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coffee shop furniture

We can buy bread, crepes, and even snack in a coffee shop because most coffee shops provide all kinds of food to meet people’s demands. Besides, people usually drink coffee and eat bread as breakfast, they prefer to buy them in one place. So, if you plan to open a coffee shop, please consider this coffee store decoration. It can help you create a unique and attractive shop theme.

Introduction of coffee shop design

The main tone of the coffee shop is warm and wood color. It creates a high-end and modern store atmosphere. Ceiling light with 4000K color temperature makes people feel warm and relaxed. We use plywood wood as the basic material to build the coffee store furniture. And the surface material is marble stone, which is convenient to use and has a high-end effect. We will also use solid wood veneer to enhance the shop theme.

coffee cabinetService counter

There is a display counter near the entrance so that clients can enter the shop and order food directly. It includes a cashier register area, machine space, display showcase, and storage cabinets. We can also attach the business logo on the counter body and also add lights to attract eyes’ attention

Dining table and chairs

The dining table area is very important for a food restaurant. So you should leave enough space for the seating area. Besides, choosing an attractive and modern bar counter with chairs is a good idea. It is a good place for clients to relax.

coffee counter

Lighting and flooring decoration

Don’t ignore the lighting and flooring decoration of the coffee shop. Different colors of light with unique shapes leave a deep impression on poeple. You can also use flooring to separate store area, especially when you own a large coffee store.

Any new ideas to make the coffee shop have a good effect, you can add to the shop design. No matter when you plan to start, just contact us here.

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