High-end Silver Gray Coffee Shop with Interior Design

As people’s living standards get higher, afternoon tea shops become more popular in our life. But as afternoon tea, the most popular is coffee, office workers use it for refreshing and coffee shops usually are made as business leisure locations. If you want to open a coffee shop, this shop’s interior design is more than suitable for you.


The coffee shop includes a big wall cabinet, which has many shelves for putting items. For example, you can put your coffee cup, coffee powder, sugar, and coffee mate. On the wall cabinet right side, there is a black menu board, people can see your product details at a glance.

Food kiosk

The kiosk includes two glass food cabinets with some small steel boxes and a glass door for use. Its material is plywood, which is used to make the counter body. The peripheral is a laminate finish. Laminate is not easy to deform, which has high-temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, and moisture resistance. We made a vertical stripes shape.

coffee shop

In addition, the counter is made of Corian, which is durable and easy to clean. The countertop has a big place to put your tools and cups.


We can see the image wall, which has a display shelf, putting many potted plant decorations, and a big plant at its side. What’s more, we add a bright led spotlight to light the shop, not only it can create a high-grade feeling but it can show your products freshly.

coffee shop In the catering area, we add a solid wood table and chair for customers to eat and wait for their order. This area top also has spot-light. In addition, cups and tableware are on the table. The wall has a lighted letter logo, so people can remember your brand.

Because we are a professional customized manufacturer. We can design any style kiosk to your requirements. Welcome to sending us an inquiry.

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