USA Wooden Reception Counter For Logistics Company Office Front Desk

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USA Wooden Reception Counter For Logistics Company Office Front Desk

The front desk mainly refers to the area that provides direct services to the guests. The guests can see the reception desk as soon as they come in. Guests can ask for help here, and the staff provides guidance services to the guests. When the reception desk has become a symbol of many places, people’s requirements for its design are getting higher and higher. Some people hope that the reception desk is eye-catching, some people hope that the reception desk is multi-functional. And some people hope that the reception desk is beautiful. In fact, so many requirements can achieve through design. So how to design the reception desk, Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd. can help you.

Wood laminate with Acrylic 3D lighted logo reception counter design:

Dimensions: 2400 x 600 x 750 mm.

Material: plywood with white color laminate and wooden color laminate.

It includes the 3d acrylic lighted logo, white color Led strip light, same lock with key.

This is a simple design reception desk we shipped to USA. Our customer will use this reception counter in his logistics company office.

1. The function of the reception desk:

First of all, consider your main role as the reception desk. The former includes equipment placement, power supply, signal transmission, etc. The latter includes craft tables and chairs, counters, lighting, storage and retrieval of materials, etc. In addition, the customer’s requirements for the use of the counter should also consider. Such as counter nameplates and business guides. And the locations where customers stand, wait, and rest.

2. The shape of the reception desk:

Because of its importance and prominent position of the reception desk. Its shape and materials are often very elegant. However, due to the limitations of the internal and external functions of the counter. Its large shape is generally difficult to have too many changes. Such as height, width, etc., we can all determine according to the functional needs.

Nevertheless, our company’s experienced designers can still make elaborate designs on the partial shape of the counter. In particular, work hard on the cabinet body and countertop. Through different undulating shapes and material combinations, to produce ever-changing shapes and create novel styles. The designer of Shenzhen Unique Furniture Ltd believes that the shape of the reception desk should stable and generous, and it can also unique and innovative. And it should also play a role in strengthening and beautifying the corporate image.

3. The materials for the reception desk:

Due to the styling characteristics and location, the materials should generally be high-grade and durable. And often pay attention to moisture and moisture. Generally use splint or MDF as the main substrate. And the surface finishes laminate or baking paint. Or according to the different requirements of different parts, we can use different materials. Such as plywood exterior decorative panels, frame plus stainless steel decoration and so on.

If the overall decoration of your office almost completed. Then you should consider that the color of the reception desk can match the background image of the office when purchasing a reception desk. For example, suppose the background image of an office work environment has strong colors. Generally speaking, it is not suitable to choose a reception desk with low color. In addition, if the color of the reception desk is too obvious, it is very easy to cause tired visual impact. As a result, under normal circumstances, it is very necessary for the entire office to choose a suitable color reception desk.

The size, quality and function of the reception desk:

The size, quality and function of the reception desk are in harmony with the size of the working environment. In addition to the color, styling design, etc., these need to match the overall company office. The size, quality and function of the reception desk should also need to consider in many ways. If you have a spacious interior space, a larger reception desk will suit you better. And if the indoor space is relatively limited, it is not suitable to choose a larger reception desk. In addition, the quality of the reception desk also directly affects the overall indoor environment.

The shape design, color, function, layering, hardware. And other elements of the reception desk can be harmoniously matched with the interior decoration design or lighting effects to form a coherent background and complementary overall interior space design actual effect.

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