Marble Stone Hotel Reception Counter Cashier Counter For Sale


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Dimension: 3048 x 1142 x 1100mm.

Material: MDF with baking paint.

Countertop: black marble stone.

Others: 8mm tempered glass, mosaic decoration.

Hardware: same lock with key, US plugs, UL wires, stainless steel toe kick.

The reception desk is a place to receive guests and a window for the hotel to communicate with guests. The first thing customers go to when entering the hotel is the reception desk, which shows its importance, so it is necessary to design the reception desk well. The reception service of the front desk staff leaves the guests with the first impression, so the design of the reception desk of the hotel is undoubtedly valued by the hotel. Therefore, in the decoration design process, the design of the front desk is very important.

Let’s talk about the issues that need to be paid attention to in the design of the hotel front desk.

1. Coordination between the reception desk and indoor background.

2. Coordination between the reception desk and floor materials.

3. Coordination between the reception desk and interior design and decoration.

4. The size, quality and function of the reception desk should be coordinated with the size of the office environment.

About the countertop – marble stone:

The characteristics of natural marble and artificial marble are different, their prices, aesthetics, environmental protection characteristics, etc. are also different, and many factors have their own strengths. According to factors such as the cost-effectiveness of the material, users will choose according to their needs. Advantages of natural marble: natural pattern, good hand feeling after polishing, strong hardness, more wear-resistant than artificial, not afraid of coloring, pores, and penetration.

The package and the shipping of the hotel reception desk:

We will pack the hotel reception desk with foam inside and a wooden box outside. The package is very strong and safe. After we finish the packing, we will arrange the shipping for you. We usually ship the reception counter by sea. You can send us the nearest destination port from you. And then we can check the shipping cost for you. Also if you want the door to door service, you can send your detailed door to door address to us. Then we can check the shipping cost door to door service.

Some information about this hotel reception desk:

The customer from USA visited our company website and interested in our reception counter. He sent an email to us and wanted to make a reception desk for his hotel. And then he sent a picture of his hotel location. We talked about some details of the reception desk, the dimensions, colors, material and design. We suggest to start the 3d design to make a customized design for him. The design deposit usually charges 300 USD and it will deduct from the total cost when you order.

We made the 3d design for him and he checked and satisfied with the design. Then we started the production of the reception counter. Do you like this kind of hotel reception counter please? Please feel free to contact us to make one for your hotel.



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