Rotating Floor Standing Display Cases with Hooks for Cell Phone Accessories 13.39″W×13.39″D×55.31″H


Organize and display your cell phone accessories with these rotating floor standing display cases with hooks. Perfect for retail stores and kiosks.


Keep all of your cell phone accessories and gadgets organized and easily accessible with these Rotating Floor Standing Display Cases. These display cases are perfect for retail stores and kiosks, as they save space and allow customers to browse through products with ease. The cases are designed with hooks to hang products, making them a practical choice for displaying phone cases, charging cables, earbuds, and more. Additionally, the rotating feature of the display cases ensures that every product is visible. And making it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. Therefore the display cases are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and stability.

Product Features

1. Rotating design. The floor-standing display case rotates 360 degrees, so it is easy for customers to view all the products displayed on it.

2. Hooks for cell phone accessories. The display case comes with hooks that can hold a variety of cell phone accessories such as chargers, cables, cases, and screen protectors.

3. Secure display. The hooks are designed to securely hold the items, preventing them from falling off the display case.

4. Spacious design. The display case has a spacious design with multiple hooks, providing ample space to store and showcase a large number of cell phone accessories.

5. Eye-catching design. The display case has an attractive design that is sure to catch the attention of customers. It is an effective marketing tool for cell phone accessory retailers.


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