Hotel reception counter simple model front desk for sale


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Hotel reception counter simple model front desk for sale

The design of the front desk is a key point of the hotel design. And the hotel front desk is related to the design of the whole space, which has become the most important part of the hotel lobby design. A creative front desk design is sure to leave a deep impression on guests. 

First of all, from the perspective of function, the front desk of a hotel is the window for hotel guests to check in, check out, consult, send luggage and other functions. As well as the window for the hotel to directly serve guests. Therefore, in terms of function, it should meet some basic facilities. Such as network, computer, information cabinet, cashier system, safe and so on.




Hotel front desk design, mainly color and shape of two aspects. Choose what color, according to the hotel logo and hotel decoration style. The front desk needs to match the type and positioning of the hotel. 

Our design team can make a customized 3D design of the reception desk. For a customize reception counter 3D design, it will charge a 300$ design deposit. And it will return to you when you order a hotel reception desk from our company.

We will send the 3D customize design to you in 2-3 working days. And we can change the 3d design for you with the requirement you want.

Any changes of the 3D design is for free.



Q: What is the packing?

A: We will check all quality before we start the packing. And then we will use the foam inside and a wooden box outside.

Q: How can I receive the hotel reception counter?

A: We will ship the hotel reception counter to you by sea to the port.


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