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A nice-look cosmetic display plays an important role in decorating the store. They can make your products look more luxurious and of high value. It is indispensable to have a good appearance display. There are all kinds of beautiful cosmetics on display. You can find matching furniture on Unique furniture website. In this article, I would like to introduce you to a cosmetics display stand with European style.


Brand: Anti-display,fire-plate

Material: fire-plate and plywood

Color: wooden or customized


Service: 3d design, OEM, ODM

Style: Modern,creative

Production time: 22-25 workdays


Display tables have a wide use in most cosmetic stores. They can make great use of existing space and make stores more layered. They are very practical and are loved by most retailers. This table features three layers. You could feel free to arrange the space and place the different merchandise on different layers. It can greatly increase the sense of layer and maximal utilized space.

The bottom of each layer  decorates with the gold thread. They have an excellent decorative effect and make the whole table look taller and prettier. They can perfectly surround the charm of the goods.

The light strip adds around the layers without eposing, keeping the well luminance of the table. They can greatly show the charm of the merchandise.

The surface of the bottom has several solid lines, which provide a cascading three-dimensional appearance and is more designed. It bakes paint at a high temperature above 200°C, the surface is bright and full of paint, and it is not easy to rub off the paint.


This one finishes with the fire-plate. Compared with paint furniture, it is more environmentally friendly. The low formaldehyde makes it more suitable for more passenger flow. What’s more,its anti-corrosion performance is excellent. It is a rare decorative material.


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