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Bubble tea is very popular by the young people. So a bubble tea shop style is very important. You need to decorate the shop to meet the style young people like. Then they will be attracted by your bubble tea shop and like to have a taste of your bubble tea and other beverages. Sometimes, the young people like to taste the bubble tea and share the interesting things with friends in one shop. The young people are energetic, outgoing and sunny, so you can decorate the shop in fresh style. Next, I talk about a fresh styke bubble tea shop interior design for you.

The layout of the shop

This one bubble tea shop is really beautiful and amazing. The main color is green, The layout of the bubble tea shoppink gold of the shop. On the view of the door, there is one shop sign with brand name and symbol pattern, which is luminous, and made of acrylic. The door and window is glass, people can be look into the shop and attrcted by the shop decoration design. There is one luminous light box on the wall to show the shop sign. And some gold tables with pink desks for customers to have a rest. There are two light boxes to show the bubble tea series. If I find such bubble tea shop is so much wondeful, I must go inside to taste the delicisous tea.

Let’s have a view on the shop interior design, green is the dominant color which express the meaning of young, fresh and natural. The area for customers is unified and orderly, the desks on one side opposing the counter bar is green, and the tables are gold, the seats on the wall is pink and green apart. And some beautiful lamps is hanging. The layout is very dreamlike, special and newest.

The layout of the bubble tea shop

The counter bar is a core of a shop. We use it to make the bubble tea and beverage and as the cash register and put some tools. Customers can order and take their drinks from here. The color of the counter bar is the same as the whole shop color. The brand and pattern sign is also customized on the counter bar to show the theme of the shop again. There are many bubble tea tools putting against the wall. There are 4 light boxes to show different food series. And several spotlights shines on the counter bar, which looks very nice.




The design of the shop interior decoration

No matter food shop, jewelry shop, clothing shop or others you want to open, we can help you to realize the decoration. First, you can offer us the floor paln, and the style you want, our designer will make a 3D design for you to have a whole view of the effection of the shop. The design fee is about $500-$800, which will depend on your size and style. Please pay attention to the design fee is just the deposit, when we have a cooperation of the order, we will reture the design fee to you, please don’t worry about this. Even you want some changes of the design, we can make the modification.

About the production, we can offer you revelant furniture in the design to fit your shop.  The production time is about 25-28 working days, because this is the shop decoration. When the furniture is finished, the goods will be packed well for you to ensure the integrity. The installation will very easy after you get the furnitures.

Our advantages 

1.Professional 3D MAX design team for you to get what you want                                                                                                        2.Factory direct sales with high quality
3.OEM & ODM supported
4.Secure safe package makes no damages during the delivery
5.Strong production capacity , perfect production crafrmanship and process
6.Timely delivery without delay safe your time and money
7.Various payment terms for you to choose

The design of the shop interior decoration

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