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The bubble tea shop is seen everywhere in the street. It’s a good place to sell bubble tea, coffee, ice cream, and all kinds of food. No matter when you plan to open a bubble tea shop, it’s a good idea to choose a good design to start. Good furniture layout, good taste, and warm service make your business go further. Here is an attractive bubble tea shop counter to share with you.

bubble tea store

Description of the bubble tea shop

It no needs a large shop to start a bubble tea business. The size is around 6m by 4m, we can also make the counters the same size as your shop. The bubble tea shop includes a service kiosk and seating area. Clients can buy delicious bubble tea in your shop.

bubble tea shop

Service counter

The service counter includes a display counter in the front with a 3D acrylic logo. There is a glass showcase on the countertop to show different flavor items. On the left side is a working counter, you can place the coffee machine, blender, and necessary equipment. That is convenient for business. While the back wall has a 3-compartment sink for better usage.

bubble tea counter


There is a stainless steel roof attached to the ceiling. It is a hollow-out metal roof, that highly matches the shop theme. Your menu, posters and even TV player can hang here to attract poeple. Colorful and attractive lighting can use to decorate the bubble tea shop and creates a cozy atmosphere.

bubble tea shop design

Bar counter and sofa

The seating area is very important in the bubble tea shop. We can set a bar counter in front of the sales window, clients can sit down here and enjoy bubble tea. While the sofa is against the wall inside the store. It comes along with a small round table, that is convenient for poeple to use.

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