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Green tea and bubble tea are popular in recent years. Because it has a good taste and gives people a cool feeling. If you plan to open a tea culture shop, choosing a colorful decoration is a good idea. Here is a nice tea shop design to share with you.

tea shop furniture

Description of tea shop furniture

The tea shop furniture has a solid wood surface, which creates a natural and harmonious shop theme. We can also use an artificial to decorate the wall. Lighting is very important to the cabinets to highlight your company culture. And let people remember you better.

tea store cabinet

Service counter

The service counter is facing the entrance door, so employees can say hello to everyone who enters your shop. We can see there is a pleated trim decorating the counter body in gray color. It has two countertops, the higher top is for passing food to clients and can also separate people from the working area. Behind the counter, the table has the necessary machines and cups. People can taste tea here, it can help you increase sales.

tea shop furniture Wall cabinets

The wall display cabinet has multiple shelving, each layer has a warm light lamp to indicate the products. There are different sizes of display cabinets that show items with a good effect. While the bottom has drawers and cabinets as storage. It also has pleated trim surrounding the wall cabinets

Center display counter

There is a display counter set in the middle area. We can make it a curved shape, looks attractive and unique. It has 2 layers to show items in show the layering of products, customers can purchase them directly.

tea store display

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