Orange and Black Mango Shop Design Bubble Tea Store Decoration

Popular and colorful juice shop decorations are helpful to gain clients. Because it attracts poeple and gives poeple a warm feeling. If you plan to open a bubble tea shop this Summer, don’t miss this bubble tea shop furniture. Let’s view the bubble tea shop decorations.

fruit booth design

Bubble tea shop furniture

This bubble tea shop mainly uses orange and black colors to decorate the shop. Highly matches the shop theme of Mango, making people understand your business well. It can also use as a symbol of your brand culture. Purple and blue light makes the wall look better and more attractive

bubble tea shop

Service counter

We can see the service counter looks like a large mango with black peel. The business logo attaches to the left corner makes people remember you better. It uses to serve people. Consumers order and pick up drinks here. Against the wall are working the counter, it’s good to set fruits and equipment. Upon the wall displays shelving to show more products. Behind is a large business logo wall to remind poeple of your business. The menu is also attached to the wall.

fruit store furniture

Decoration wall

The decoration wall is very important to enhance the bubble tea shop atmosphere. It has unique sizes of round mirrors and looks very unique and special. That can also make the shop looks larger.

fresh fruit booth

Bubble tea model table

The Bubble teacup model is used as a display counter, it will tall straws in different colors. Looks like vividly juice cups, leaving a deep impression on the clients. It has chairs surrounded, people can sit down with their friends and have fun. You can add any funny ideas to make your bubble tea shop outstanding. Besides, you can also sell all kinds of drinks and food to increase sales.

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