Modern style boba tea store counter customize food shop design

With people’s continuous pursuit of fashion trends, in recent years, the variety of fashion milk tea shops are more and more. In the case of milk tea shops, convenient and quick drinks have won the favor of many students and young people. So how can milk tea shop design to attract more customers into the shop?

If you are looking for a boba tea shop design, we have many styles for your reference. This is a modern style boba tea store counter customize food shop design. Let us have a look together.



Simple style is the most popular style for a boba tea shop design. The exterior decoration design of the bubble tea shop should not only be beautiful but also the design of the internal counter. The beautiful appearance can effectively attract customers to the store. And the simple and clean interior design gives people a comfortable feeling of pleasure.

The material of this boba tea shop food counter is plywood with Formica laminate. Under the countertop has a circle of the Led strip light. For the countertop, we can make it solid wood or use wooden color laminate.

The glass we usually use 8mm tempered glass. If you have any special requirements, please tell us in advance. The thickness of the tempered glass has 10mm, 12mm also.



We can offer a customized boba tea store design for you. Our design team will make a new 3d design model with your shop size and arrange the layout for you. We will make a whole bubble tea shop design including the food counter, ceiling, flooring, and lighting effect. You can check it on the 3d bubble tea store design and let us know your idea.

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