High-quality commercial bubble tea shop furniture interior design for sale

Drinking bubble tea has become a part of daily life. When we go out with friends, we will make afternoon tea appointments. It will relieve our stress and bring us good mood. If you prepare enough funds and plan to open a bubble tea shop, it is necessary to make a unique design. Unique and attractive shop design will bring you more new customers.

Bubble tea shop interior design

From the picture, we can know the design of the facade even if the customer is outside, the layout inside can be seen. Adding the logo on the facade does not have other decoration, the style is simple, but the layout inside is very attractive. When people see this store outside, they will be very curious and want to go in and taste it.

The customer sent us  floor plan of his store and took some photo to tell us his location advantage. He wants a new and unique design and tells us all his demands clearly. Our designer made the 3D design based on his size and design ideas. And made it better. Made some changes in this process, let us come back to see more details.

The interior furniture color of the store is mainly blue, which is very fresh and comfortable. The cash register cabinet and bubble tea work counter are also unique in design. Add the logo to the middle cabinet and add some cloud-like decoration on the top. It looks very elegant and eye-catching. On the left side of the workbench is a small bar counter and high stools. And 3-4 tables are placed in front for customers to wait and rest areas. Albums and chandeliers are hung on the wall to decorate and beautify the shop. We are custom factory, and we can also customize make the furniture for you. Whether you want is high stool, chair or sofa, we can provide, and support to change the color and any shape. We have our own factory, we can give you good prices and high quality products.

Contact us and make a new 3D store design

Everyone opens a store and sells different products, different sizes, different layouts and different ideas, so we recommend making a new design first based on your ideas and store floor plans. We need to know your ideal store and requirements. The logo will be sent to us in the form of PDF file.  Before designing, we need to charge a design fee of $300. Which will be deducted from the order price.

Our design time is 3-4 working days, which allows modification to ensure that our design can meet your requirements. The 3D design includes furniture size and quantity, lighting, logo and some decoration, you can see the whole effect and check all the details. After you check the final design, we move to the production step.

About us

Unique display furniture ltd. was founded in 2006 with more than 10 years of manufacturing experience. We have skilled workers and established strict management and control of quality system. Will produce strictly in accordance with the construction drawings. We guarantee that the goods you receive are exactly the same as the design you confirmed. We use high-standard materials. And provide high-quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are professional bubble tea shop furniture manufacturer. From design to delivery,help you step by step to complete this project. Our excellent designers have different design ideas on shop design. More than 4 designers work together to ensure the design is perfect and attractive. If you want to refer to more designs and learn more, welcome your inquiry!

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