Nowadays, coffee and bubble tea have become the first choice for modern people’s drinks. After work, people always like to order a cup of bubble tea or coffee to relieve tension. Of course, in their spare time, people also like to make appointments with friends in coffee shops or milk tea shops, meet up, talk a few words. Sharing with each other the fun and worries of the past period of time. In this way, how to decorate coffee shops and milk tea shops to attract customers has become a little important.

How to decorate your coffee and bubble tea shop?

First, of course, choose a coffee making counter that fits the size of the store. So that you can provide customers with delicious coffee and convenient service. At the same time, it also allows customers to understand the production process of the drink and drink more at ease.


Second, it is necessary to choose indoor furniture that allows customers to feel comfortable and enjoy their meals. For example, those tables and chairs best matchewith the interior decoration of the store, so as to show the intention of the store owner and allow customers to experience them.


Finally, it dedicate to the store decoration and the selection and matching of accessories. A small object has its meaning. Wall cabinets, chandeliers, wallpaper and logo light boxes, every careful collocation of the store will be felt by customers who understand him.

How to choose these furniture in the store? Let me tell you:


We have to choose the size of these furniture according to the size of the store. It’s best to ask the designer to make a design drawing,  plan the area according to your own ideas and requirements, so that you can understand the indoor area you want to use before opening a store. Have a clear understanding when buying furniture.


Before buying interior decoration furniture, control your budget.Furniture of different materials, cabinets of different sizes and different shapes have different cost prices.

Before buying, we should make a good cost budget so that we can successfully open a store while also ensuring the circulation of funds without worrying about early-stage business problems.Get to know the material and structure of the type of furniture you want to buy, do your homework in advance, and avoid being fooled when buying.


The materials used in cabinets of different shapes are also different. For cabinets, with round or arc shapes, solid wood materials,  cannot be used when making them, otherwise it is difficult to make a curvature. Cabinets with different materials will have many differences in price.


The price of solid wood is slightly higher than that of compressed board. Some furniture, with good-looking shapes is more troublesome in the production process. So the overall furniture price will also be slightly higher. There are also requirements for overall matching, choice of materials, design of your own logo, etc.

A series of problems need to be solved by finding a reliable and reputable furniture company, so as to avoid the tedious and troublesome problem handling while opening a store.

Who are we?

Unique designed and did many kiosks before, UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and  Saudi Arabia are our main markets. We did many bubble tea shop decoration and kiosks used  around the world. We have our own design team and exquisite workmanship, we can help you design your kiosk as your needs.

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