A high-end restaurant can always attract the attention of many customers, which is mainly reflected in the decoration of the walls and the use of tables, chairs, lamps, etc. If we want to attract more customers, when we start a store, the first thing we have to do is to decorate our store and purchase the style and quantity of tables and chairs suitable for our store. What we also need to consider is the placement of furniture. Put the location and so on.
So how do you arrange everything before buying furniture? The answer, of course, is through design. We know that design can present our ideas and we can be practical. With the design, we can change the style and color of our storefront, as well as the style and placement of tables and chairs in the design. After confirming all the details, we can decorate and purchase the furniture inside as shown in the design drawings.

Restaurant Design

We are a furniture customization company. Before production, we will help customers design the furniture they want. Our design is based on the store floor plan sent by the customer. Our designers will reasonably arrange the positions of the bar and tables and chairs. If customers have requirements for these, we will design according to their requirements.
The overall style and color of the store generally depend on the customer’s idea, logo, or brand. When the design is completed, we can clearly see its effect, the amount of furniture, color, wall decoration, etc. This can help us determine what we want more quickly.

If you don’t have any ideas, it’s okay, we will help you. You only need to present your ideas after the design is completed.

If you have ideas, please let us know all of them. This will help us to design something more in line with your ideas.

Design Details

If you want to start your restaurant, you need to send us the floor plan, logo, and your requirements. Such as the shop style or color. Our design fee is based on the shop area and the design content. This shop I show is about 600$. We will design a bar counter, tables, chairs, wall decoration, ceiling light, and the model of your machine. This design is done completely in accordance with your shop floor plan, so the size of the furniture is appropriate.

When we receiving the design fee, we will start to design The design time is 2-4 working days. When we finish the design, you can tell us your comments. We can perfect the design together. I believe you can get your satisfactory design here.

Furniture Production

When we confirm the final design, you can see what furniture you want in the design, you can tell us, and we will make a quotation for you. When we place an order, we will start production.

We have our factory, all our furniture are made by hand. We produce completely according to the style and color of the design drawing. Include the bar counter, wall shelves, partition, light, and table chairs. You can get everything here. It is very convenient for you. During the production, you can track the goods process all the time. We will confirm every detail with you to avoid mistakes.

What is the production time?

It depends on the furniture quantity, it is 25-35 working days.

How can I get the goods?

We can ship the goods to your nearest port or your detailed address. Our furniture is packed in wooden boxes. You can hire a truck to pick up the goods in the warehouse at the port. If it is shipped to your specific address, you do not need to clear customs, only need to pay the port of destination fees and customs duties. We will deliver it directly to the door.

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