Sushi is a kind of Japanese cuisine. It can be used as a snack or as a dinner. The ingredients can be raw, cooked, or pickled. In addition to being a favorite food of the Japanese, sushi is also very popular outside of Japan. There are countless sushi restaurants and packaged sushi all over the world. When we go out shopping, we can always see a sushi restaurant. The style of the restaurant is also very Japanese. Today I want to introduce you to a sushi restaurant with a modern style.

Sushi Shop Design

The layout of this sushi restaurant is quite special. Its seating area and bar are horizontal. We can see from the picture below that the main ordering area and work area are on the right, and the seating area is on the left. There are also some display racks against the wall and some freezers. In addition to this necessary furniture and equipment, we should also pay attention to the wall decoration. The walls of this store are made of wooden boards with our luminous logo attached to them. The logo is a symbol of our brand, and we always bring it when we start decorating stores or building kiosks in shopping malls.

The main style of this store is black, so our bar counters, display racks, and decorative panels on the wall are also black and have a certain shape. This can make our shop look more advanced and attractive. The design is generally based on the customer’s store floor plan because many customers’ stores have different shapes, different shapes, and different layouts. Sometimes we have to combine the ideas of our customers to design.

Sushi Shop Furniture

Another reason we do design is to choose the furniture we want. Because the furniture can be customized, we can produce it according to the shape and color of the design drawing. We have our own factories and designers. After helping customers design shop furniture and confirm, we will start production. Our construction drawings are drawn completely in accordance with the design drawings, including bar counters, display shelves, and decorative walls on the wall. The customer needs to send us the logo source file so that we can produce it and install it on the counter.

The furniture in this shop uses plywood and laminate, and the baseboards are stainless steel. They are very strong and safe materials. The laminate is surface treated, it has many colors to choose from, if we have other colors we like, we can also use other colors. In addition to black, this shop also has wood-colored furniture, and there are many choices of wood-colored. Before production, we will send all the options to customers so that they can better choose the effect they want.

Packaging & Transportation

When the production is completed, we will start packaging. Our packaging has two layers. The first layer is the packaging of the cabinet itself. Our packaging materials are pearl cotton, stretch film, and foam board. The outer packaging is a wooden box, and every piece of furniture is packed in a wooden box. They are very safe.

If you do not have a freight forwarder in China, we will arrange to deliver the goods to your nearest port or your shop or the address you specify. When the goods arrive at the port, someone will inform you in advance to clear the goods and pick up the goods. We can hire a truck to pick up the goods. If you don’t understand, you can hire a manager to help you clear customs and deliver goods.

Working Process

  1.  Send us your shop floor plan, we can start with the design. The design fee is based on your shop area. It allows modification, so you can your favorite furniture here. The design time is 2-4 working days.
  2. Confirm the design and start production. The production time is about 28 working days.
  3. Transportation. The freight and transit time depend on the volume of the goods and your country.


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