Milk tea shops play a very important role in our lives. When we are relaxing and entertaining, the milk tea shop is a very good place to go. Generally, milk tea shops will have a place to sit, which will provide convenience to customers.

If we want to open a store, what should we pay attention to?

First of all, pick up a good store name. Then find a designer to design the logo of the shop so that you can print your logo on the shop, cups, handbags, and work clothes. This will make the whole team more professional.

The second is to choose a good location. A good position can bring you more traffic and create benefits for you.

With the location, we need to design the entire store. You can better express your creativity and the theme of your own shop.

Food Shop 3d Design

You can see that the style of the whole shop is retro. His main colors are white and wood grain. The combination of white and wood grain color is very classic and very attractive. Most of them like this style very much.

You can see that the door head is in wood grain color, and then it has the same logo color as the theme color. The store can be entered and exited on both sides, so that the entire store can look more spacious and attract more customers’ attention.


Bar Counter

Bar counter is necessary for the whole shop. We all know that the bar counter include order area, pick up area and working area. Only the bar counter have clear layout, will customer have good impression for the brand.

You can see that the shape of this bar is very unique, and its main color is also composed of white and wood grain colors. It is also in line with the theme of the store. The front counters all have logos, which makes the whole counter look more complete and beautiful.




There is a groove shape on the left and right sides. The letters of our products can be printed on the left. On the right, you can place some cups to decorate the bar. The front is mainly the food taking area and ordering area. The counter at the back is the work area, and most of the work areas of the books are made of stainless steel.

Accessories for Decoration

There are many accessories in a shop. The main thing is to make the store look more comfortable and let customers have a good sense of experience. For example, the light box is to let customers better understand our brand. The catalog on the back wall allows customers to know the price more conveniently. Next to the price list we have installed the rack to display some product. In this way, you can put some decorations to make the whole shop more stylish. Regarding lighting, you can choose a suitable lampshade according to your preferences.

Sitting Area

The seating area is a long bar table where customers can sit on both sides, which also saves space. We can customize the length of the bar table, and we can customize it according to your favorite color and size.


The material we will use two types generally. One is MDF + baking paint. Another one is plywood + laminate. The material of the shop is MDF as a main material. The surface we use the baking paint.

The process of the production is wooden cabinet, polish the wooden cabinet, do the 4 primers and baking paint, and do the accessories like logo, light box, light strip, sockets and drawers.

Time that You Concerned Mostly

It will 3-5 working days to work out the a shop 3d design. To build the shop furniture will take 25-28 working days. As for the shipping time, it depends on which port is near to you. We will help you check it.

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