Milk tea is very popular all over the world. Generally, milk tea comes in many flavors, and everyone can choose to taste and buy according to their own preferences. Some people think milk tea is very greasy, so they will choose coffee or fruit tea. You can also add your favorite ingredients according to your preferences.

Why do so many people choose to be in the beverage business?
Because in this era, people’s lives are under tremendous pressure. Drinks are a very decompression product. When you are unhappy, you can buy a drink to soothe your mood. Now there are milk tea shops everywhere, because there are seats in the milk tea shops, which can make it easy for customers to wait. It can also soothe your mood well.

Bubble Shop Design

The design of the milk tea shop is very simple. Do not need too cumbersome structure and layout. The entire layout of the milk tea shop includes the bar counter, the dining area and the overall layout.

Bar Counter

The bar counter is very important for a whole shop. The bar counter include the order place and pick up place. It can avoid people crowded and will make the shop more attractive.


The back of  the counter is bubble tea counter and can put some food material for it. The front of the counter has the logo and will make people know our brand clearly.

The bottom of the counter install the light strip. For the surface, we do it as this color laminate. If you want the artificial stone, we also can do it. But it will be more heavy. The back wall can install the light box to show our product. Then the customer will clear what i do.

Sitting Area

Nowadays, you will see that there are many sitting area in bubble shop. Because many people want to rest when they enjoy their leisure time. You can see the sitting space have different type rest space. For the color, it based on the whole shop theme, white and pink. If you have own favorite color, we also can help you do it.


You can see the whole shop that include many shop decoration. You can see the wall that attach the different drinking image and the shape of gourd. It also have many light strips that can make the shop more bright. From the top of the ceiling, we also can make the whole shop more bright and unique. The wall also has the wall window cabinet and can display some fresh grass or flower to make the whole kiosk more bright.

Production Process

The production include the 3 steps. First one is wooden cabinet, the wooden cabinet is essential step. During the step, we will reserve the electric line, socket place, logo place. The second step is to stick the laminate to make the good appearance. Finally, install the accessories like sockets, logo, light strip, drawers, cabinets doors and etc.

For the Delivery Time

You know we are custom manufacturer, and can customize the shop fixture for you. So the time is also different. The shop design time will take 3-5 working days.


The production time will depends on  how many shop fixture that you want. For the design that i share, the production time will take 25-28 working days.

Shipping time based on which port is near to you. We all know that that different country, the shipping fee is also different because of the different distance.

About the Unique Display Limited

We are custom manufacturer, and provide the custom service for you. We can design and produce the whole shop furniture for you. If you decide to start your business, you can tell us what kind of shop style you want and what size of the shop you have. We have professional design team and can work out the 3d design according to your requirements. After you satisfy the 3d design, we will start to produce.

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