What I want to introduce to you today is the design of the bakery. Baked goods are now becoming more and more popular. Opening a bakery can help you take your career to the next level. So if we want to open a bakery, what should we first pay attention to?

First of all, we must do a good job in market positioning, which depends on the people you target to decide.

Secondly, The location of the cake shop is very important. Whether a cake shop can be successful or not, the location of the cake shop accounts for half of the factor. Because only places with a lot of traffic will get customers to make purchases.

Opening a shop on a street,  you will target a wider group of people, from children to the elderly. Opening a shop in a big shopping mall, you can open a slightly higher-end store. Because there are more competitive in the shopping mall.

When you get the site, then you need to consider the shop decoration.

Shop 3d Design

We can do the 3d design firstly, then you can decorate the shop according to the 3d design. You just tell me what style of the shop you want, and what size you have. Then we can do the new design according to your size, needs. You will see the whole effect with different angles of the shop furniture.  If there are any modification, we also assist you modify it.


You can see the shop, the main style of the shop is wooden style. And it make the shop more bright and will make whole shop more elegant. You can see the glass wall have the bar table and customer can enjoy their food.

Wall Display Stand

There are some wooden display show case near by the wall. People can choose the bread and toast according to their flavor.

Display Stand

In the middle we placed a relatively short display rack, which generally displays freshly cooked bread. This kind of bread is very popular with the public and is usually placed in the most conspicuous position. In this way, customers can see it at a glance. For each display stand or wall cabinet has led lights to display the bread or toast and people can see it clearly.

Bar Counter

Bar Counter is corn of the whole shop, we need to pay more attention to the structure. The bar counter include the front counter and the back counter. For the back counter, we can do it as a working area. We use the front counter as a reception counter and the cashier counter.  The main material is plywood and laminate.  Bottom of the bar counter add the led light strip and make it more high-end. If you want to add your logo on the counter, we also can add it on the counter.

For the logo material, there are many type to choose. We will do the suitable one for you. This design is Acrylic logo with light.  Different style of the counter, will have the different style logo.

After you satisfied the 3d design, we will start to produce the shop furniture.  Before produced, we need to confirm many information like the all the size of the furniture, material of the furniture and some details. When everything confirmed, we will start to produce the food shop fixture for you.

→ Time

It will take 3-5 working days to do the whole shop 3d design. Production time will take 25-28 working days. For the shopping time, it depends on which country that you located. You know different country, the shipping fee is also different.

We have done many type shop fixture. If you have other business want to expand, we also can work out solid plan for you.


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