Speaking of desserts, this is one of the foods that most people like. It is generally used in snack foods or desserts after meals. We all know that there are many types of desserts. It has many flavors and shapes, which is very attractive. If we have been to a dessert shop, we probably know the layout and display inside. The dessert shop I want to introduce today is very high-end and beautiful. We are a custom company, if you want to start a dessert shop, we can design it for you.

Dessert Shop Design

Regardless of any store, when we enter the door, the first thing we see is the bar. The bar is the place to receive customers, and it is also the place where customers check out. We can also make a glass display case here to display some bread. The background board or sky splint lamp behind the bar should also choose some fashionable ones. We can install our logo on the background board.

The bar counter we designed in the picture below is made of marble. Marble is a very expensive stone, but its pattern, color, and display effect are very beautiful. The disadvantage is that it is very heavy, so if it is not necessary, we do not recommend that the entire bar is made of stone. We can only use it on the countertop. If you want the marble effect, we can use the marble pattern laminate.


In addition to the bar, we also need some dessert display racks or cabinets. Since there are many sweet varieties in the dessert shop, we need more display cases to display them.

This store uses wooden display cabinets, we can see that it is divided into two floors. Outside is a glass cover, which can effectively prevent our desserts from being contaminated by the outside world. This wood grain and lock are retro style and look very advanced. When we buy furniture, we have to have a unified style. Furniture has an impact on our business.

This shop is suitable for both dine-in and take-out. We have also prepared a seating area in the store. Customers can taste the desserts in the store after choosing their favorite desserts.

The color of this store is very uniform. Pink, white, and wood colors. Plus high-end seats and beautiful lights and other decorations. The effect of the entire shop is out.

When we design, we will also design in accordance with customer requirements. When the design is completed, we can check and make comments. Therefore, for a new store, the most design is very important. We can be very clear about what we need.



How To Start The Shop Design?

If you want to open your shop.  The first step is to design. You can send me your floor plan, if you have a request, you can tell us. Our designers will design and layout as well as furniture and decorations according to your requirements and the floor plan of the store. The design allows us to know what kind of furniture we are about to receive before buying, what effect they will have in the store, and it can also give us a little direction for the decoration. So, if you want to design your shop, please send us your floor plan, logo, and requirements. The design fee depends on the size of the store and the content of the design. Generally, it is 500-800$. The design time is about 3 working days.

Do you provide everything in the shop?

We mainly provide furniture. Such as bar counters, background panels, display cabinets, sofas, and chairs. We can also provide ceiling lights, logos, and lightbox paintings. If you need, we can provide everything, including floor tiles, etc.

What is the shop price?

Our price is based on the final design. Before design, we can’t know the price.


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