We can often see a lot of small food and beverage outlets when we go to the mall. The space they occupy is often very small, the most common being rectangular. The equipment inside is also very simple. Bar counters, tables, and chairs, and some simple decorations. For this kind of small store, the most important furniture is the bar and console. Generally, the bar is in front and the console is in the back. We are a furniture customization company. We can help you design an entire store layout and provide all the furniture and decorations inside. The following storefront is an example, and I will introduce you to our workflow.

Mall Food Shop Design

When we sign a contract with the landlord, we can ask him for a floor plan of the store. In this way, we can know the specific dimensions of the entire store and the specific location of the pillars (if there is one in the store). With the floor plan, the design can accurately design the placement and size of the furniture. The first thing we need to design is the bar. Generally, the bar and the console will be in the same place. Most of them are L-shaped. Customers order food at the bar, and the console at the back is where they work. Our machine sinks are all placed here.  On the top of the bar, we will design some lights and lightbox paintings, etc. The function of the lightbox paintings is to display our menu or some hot-selling items so that customers can more clearly know what they want.

The logo on the bar is essential. We can see that both the store and the kiosk in the mall have installed logos. Installing a logo is not only to develop the brand but also to make our bar more attractive.

After the bar is designed, the next step is the seating area. Due to space constraints, we can only set up a dining table on the side against the wall. The color of ceiling lights and wall decorations should match the color of the entire store. If conditions permit, we can set up some more tables in the store. This depends on our venue and the requirements of the mall.

Snack Shop Furniture Production

After confirming the final design, we will list a quotation. The quotation contains everything you need. Such as bar counters, consoles, ceilings, lightboxes, tables and chairs, and wall decorations. The size of the furniture depends on the size, material, and style. Only after the design is completed, we can know its specific price.

We will also install your logo on the kiosk. When starting production, all you need to provide is the logo file, menu, or poster image. We will make it and send it with the furniture. Since the light box also has lights, it also needs to be connected to a local power supply. When you receive the goods, you can choose the location you want, and you can ask the local electrician to help you install the light box and the bar.

Order Process

  1. Send us your shop floor plan and tell us all your requirements. We can design the shop according to your ideas.  We also need your logo and menu file etc. The shop design fee is based on the shop area. In general, it is 500-800$. When we receive the design fee, the design time is 3-4 working days.
  2. Our design allows modification. When we finish the design, you can check. If you want to modify it, you can tell me.
  3. Confirm the design. After the design is confirmed, we will have a quotation, you need to pay a 50% deposit, and we will start production. Production time is about 28 working days.
  4. When all the goods are finished and produced, we will start shipping. All our products are packed in wooden boxes and they are very safe. So you don’t have to worry. We can ship the goods to the nearest port or the address you specify. Someone will inform you to pick up the goods when they arrive at the port. We can ask an agent to help us clear customs.


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