The restaurant is very important to a large number of visitors. For example, when a friend or company party will choose to go to a restaurant for dinner, or when we go out shopping with friends to have a meal, we will choose to go to a restaurant for dinner. Most of the restaurants are on the street, but there is also food in the mall, and sometimes a single floor is dedicated to open restaurants. What I want to introduce today is the interior design and furniture of the restaurant in the mall.

Restaurant Design

This kind of restaurant is generally divided into two parts. There are a kitchen area and a dining area at the front desk. There will be a bar counter in the dining area, which is also an ordering counter, where customers can order food and wait in their seats. If we sell bread, ice cream, or desserts, we can also put a machine at the bar, and it will be more convenient for customers to purchase. There can be another workbench behind the bar. We can only make coffee or drinks, and snacks can be made in the kitchen. The number and style of tables and chairs in the seating area can be made according to customer requirements. The kitchen is generally some large machines and stainless steel counters.

Our logo can be installed on the top of the outside of the store. Customers will have a deep impression of our brand and it will also be convenient for them to find us.

Restaurant Furniture

When we confirm the design, we can clearly see all the furniture inside. Including bar counters, tables and chairs, and decorations. We will produce according to the color, shape, and size of this furniture.

If you also need the machine inside, we can also help purchase it.
The base material we use for this kind of wooden surface furniture is plywood, and the surface treatment is laminate. There are many kinds of wood grains and colors to choose from. We will send you photos during production. You can choose the color you like.


Our furniture is generally scattered. So you don’t need to install it. The cash register has an installation socket and a light-emitting logo, so you need to connect the wire to your galvanic couple when you receive the goods. The tables and chairs can be placed in the position of the protective design you like.


All our furniture is packed in wooden boxes. If there are a lot of goods, we can order a whole container. If there are not many, we can order a combined container. We can ship the goods to your port or address, and the freight depends on the volume of the final goods. The shipping time is 25-40 days.


We are a customized company. If you also want to customize some suitable furniture for your shop. We can make a design first. You can send us the shop floor plan. Our designers will design the entire interior furniture, decoration, and structure according to the size of the store or your requirements. After the design is completed and confirmed, we can know the specific effects and details.

Shop Design: The design fee is based on the shop area. It is 500-1000$. Design time is 3-5 working days.

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