If your store is on the side of the road, you need to make unique store decorations. Bubble tea is already very common. Opening new stores is to is to attract people’s attention and give them good impression. Good shop decoration can bring you more customers, and make your business better and better. So attractive and unique shop design is necessary.


Fresh Bubble Tea Shop New Design Tea Shop Counter Interior Design

From the picture, we can see a very eye-catching shop design. The main color is pink-orange, very fresh and beautiful. The acrylic luminous logo is installed on the top, with below is strip of decoration. Can use to block the sun. The logo is a combination of Chinese and English, which looks very unique and attractive.


Put two tall stools and a small cart with the bear outside the shop. On the left side of the stool is a bubble tea cup decoration, and there is also a light decoration. When people pass by, it will easily get their attention.




Let us notice the layout inside. The first thing we saw was the order counter. The counter was made of ceramic tiles and looked very advanced. There are 3 advertising machines on it. We can see that the wall side is decorated with light boxes and logos. Which look very beautiful.

On the right side of the counter, there is a cactus and some bubble cups, which can beautify the shop. Spotlights are installed on the ceiling to increase the brightness of the shop. The color of the wall is also consistent with the style of the shop. Generally speaking, the decoration of the shop is more cute and fresh. Most girls will be curious to try it. Do you like this layout? We are a custom factory and have design team that can build new store designs according to your requirements. Please tell us your specific ideas, our designers will make designs that will surprise you.


Our designers will hold group meeting based on your requirements. And make a design plan according to your store floor plan. Each designer is responsible for different parts. We will have more than 4 designers working together to ensure that your design is unique and perfect. Before the design work, we need to charge a design deposit of 500-800 USD. The exact deposit depends on the size of your store. We will deduct this deposit from the order price.

We will send you the design for confirmation within 2-4 working days. Which is allowed to be modified. You can tell me what you think, and we will help you revise it. Ensure that the design meets your requirements. When you check the final design, we will make a detailed quotation for you. Then you pay a 50% deposit and we can arrange production.



We are directly custom factory, can offer you competitive prices and high-quality bubble tea shop furniture. And we had supported many new businesses of furniture products to Australia, USA, UK, etc.

All of our designs are based on commercial use. When you tell us the requirements of your store, we can make a new design according to the style you like. We will confirm the design with you, including modification, to ensure that our design can meet your ideal shop.

Our factory has a number of skilled workers, will strictly follow the construction drawings to produce. We ensure that the goods you receive will be exactly the same as the design you have confirmed. We use high standards of materials and provide high-quality products to ensure customer satisfaction.

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