The difference between frame glasses and contact lenses

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Frame glasses are currently the most common and simplest tool for correcting vision, with the myopia rate of teenagers and children getting higher and higher. And the myopia of students getting younger and younger, many students are wearing frame glasses. The market for contact lenses is also not to be underestimate. A contact lens is a corneal contact lens that is only slightly larger than our black pupils and is transparent or light blue. It will not have much impact on the shape.

Contact lenses and glasses


Contact lenses have many advantages compared with frame glasses, contact lenses do not hinder the frame. And have no impact on the appearance of the wearer, and it is suitable for people who love beauty, especially women. Without the obstacles of glasses frames, and the risk that frames may break, contact lenses also bring greater convenience to sports people.

Frame glasses are limite by the frame, while contact lenses are not subject to any occlusion and restrictions. So contact lenses have a wider field of view than frame glasses.

For those who require a higher degree of correction, such as 10D diopter (1000 degrees), the thickness and refractive index of frames lenses are relatively high, and the image will be enlarged or reduce considerably. The magnification or reduction of the image caused by contact lenses is only about 7%, and can improve the optical shortcomings of frame lenses such as prism effect, and bring a wider field of view to the wearer.

If the wearer has a large difference in the degree of myopia or farsightedness. For example, the refractive difference between the two eyes exceeds 2-2.5D diopter, the imaging difference between the two eyes will be too large. And it is difficult for the brain to combine the images of the two eyes. Contact lenses can also reduce the imaging difference between the two eyes. For patients with irregular corneal astigmatism, Soft contact lenses can correct their vision problems.

Disadvantages of contact lenses:

First wear, care is not clean, eye disease will appear foreign body sensation. Improper fitting or improper use may cause corneal injury. Dry eyes are not suitable for wearing; Poor, wind and sand. And in the workplace with volatile acid and alkali substances, soot, dust are not suitable for workers to wear; May cause some eye problems.

Advantages of frame glasses:

In many cases there is a certain danger in wearing contact lenses. Such as swimming, if dirty water into the eyes, it is likely to pollute the contact lenses, causing eye discomfort. And wear contact lenses for a long time to face the computer, the eyes will be dry, tears and pain. So the benefits of frame glasses are obvious, any time any environment, There is no obstacle to wearing frame glasses. It has always been said that contact lenses will wear the cornea, frame glasses do not have to worry about this. Frame glasses are generally longer when worn and do not require frequent replacement of glasses.

Disadvantages of frame glasses

Frame glasses are more likely to cause eye deformation; Objects are different, peripheral vision is limite. When moving, the frame will shake with the movement, affecting the field of vision and vision. The lenses mist up, they get wet from the rain. Sweating causes moisture in the lenses and pressure in the bridge of the nose and ears. When wearers of frame glasses encounter violent injuries, broken lenses often lead to transocular injuries.

However, it must be noted that the reason why contact lenses are called contact lenses is that they will come into contact with the cornea. So it will affect the normal physiological state of the eye to a certain extent. And it needs to pay close attention and pay attention to hygiene.


Frame glasses: high safety, take with you, unless intense exercise causes the lens to break. Otherwise it will not cause harm to the user.

Contact lenses: High requirements on the user’s use method. If the care is not proper, there will be a lot of related eye diseases and complications. Some people wear contact lenses for a long time can cause corneal ulcers, perforations, if serious, there will be blindness.


Frame glasses: Nowadays, frame glasses are a variety of styles, a wide variety, and it has slowly developed into a fashion element, and even non-myopic people will choose to match a pair of flat glasses to change their image.

Contact lenses: The more popular color contact lenses (commonly known as contact lenses) also belong to contact lenses, wearing this contact lenses, not only will not affect the appearance. But also increase the brightness of the eyes or change the color of the eye pupil, very popular with fashion people.

What should contact lenses pay attention to outdoors?

Contact lenses have two of the biggest enemies – cold and dirty – and here are some simple tips to combat them:

If there is dust in your eyes during outdoor activities, the sense of friction caused by foreign objects is a very upsetting thing. If you wear contact lenses, you can rinse your fingers with the contact lens solution you carry with you, remove the lens first, and save it in the contact lens case you carry. Let the dust out of the eye before putting the lens back on.

If the lens is accidentally dropped when removing and putting on the lens, pay attention to thoroughly clean and rinse the lens, re-soak it in the fresh care liquid lens box, and re-disinfect it. Be sure to pack a bottle of travel-sized contact lens solution before you leave, or choose daily disposable lenses.

When camping in winter, in order to prevent contact lenses from freezing in the case. The best way is to put the contact lens case in the sleeping bag, but just in case. It is recommended to use the spiral mouth of the case. If it is a long time of outdoor activities, be sure to carry a pair of frame glasses. Otherwise once the contact lenses are lost, the trouble can be big.

At the same time, it is recommended that people who wear contact lenses, in addition to choosing contact lenses with good oxygen permeability, can take off contact lenses after coming home from work every day and replace them with frame glasses, so that the cornea can rest before going to bed.

All in all

Optometry experts pointed out that even if worn in accordance with the standard of care. The protein deposits of tears can not be completely removed. And the accumulation of more and more will make the oxygen permeability of the lens deteriorate. So that the wearing comfort will decrease. And the degenerative protein deposits on the lens will increase the chance of eye congestion and infection.

Generally, the wearer may not be easy to detect the problems caused by aging lenses. In addition to more congestion in the eyes, corneal neovascularization caused by decreased oxygen permeability of the lens needs to be checked to find out. If you take care of your eyes and go back to the clinic regularly to have your eyes checked, most of them will be fine.

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