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Glasses are a combination of lenses and frames used to improve vision, protect the eyes or for decorative purposes. Optical can correct a variety of vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, strabismus or amblyopia.


Lenses used for optical purposes were first recorded by Roger Bacon in 1268. The earliest spectacles appeared in Italy, introduced by Alessandro di Spina of Florence. And the earliest portrait with glasses, Hugh of Provence, was paint by Tommaso da Modena in 1352. It is said to have been invente by an optician name Almato and an Italian name Spina who live in Pisa.

American inventor Benjamin Franklin, suffering from myopia and farsightedness, invented bifocals in 1784. In 1825, British astronomer George Alley invented glasses that corrected astigmatism. Glasses appeared in China in the middle of the Ming Dynasty. And western glasses were introduced into China through the Western regions or Southeast Asia in the Ming Dynasty.

Glasses culture fully reflects the ideological ideology, morality, values, beliefs, customs and other cultural characteristics of a country and a nation, and develops with the development of culture in various historical times. It is embodied in a tangible way through the combination of material and art. On the one hand, it reflects the progress of social civilization, but also reflects the identity of the wearer, social status, ideas, interests and hobbies.


Optical Feature

From the function of the lens, it has the function of adjusting the amount of light entering the eye, correcting vision, protecting eye safety and treating eye diseases clinically. Children with strabismus cause by abnormal refraction and patients with abnormal refraction accompan by headache can be treat with glasses. The function of the spectacle frame, in addition to its matching lenses to form glasses worn on the human eye to play a support role, it also has beauty, decorative.

Modern fashion people emphasize that glasses should be in harmony with the facial makeup and clothing of people of The Times, reflecting high social class, elegant learning, fashion and so on. Glasses are lenticular lenses embedd in a frame that are worn in front of the eye to improve vision, protect the eye, or for decorative purposes. Special glasses are also available for viewing 3D stereoscopic images or virtual reality images. Modern glasses usually have a nose rest (bridge of nose) in the middle of the lens, and a soft cushion where the left and right arms rest on the ears.

How to configure glasses?

1, first of all, we should choose a regular, reputable optometry center to prepare glasses, glasses quality and service have a certain guarantee.

2, in the glasses before, should first optometry, can not blindly buy.

3, after the completion of the production of glasses or purchase, the school staff will be calibrated according to the face shape. In general, if the parameters are right, when you put on your new glasses, you will feel very clear.

4, if found product quality problems, should be timely contact with the store.

Wash your glasses regularly. It is recommended to have your eyesight tested every year to see if you need to change your glasses.

How to choose a frame?

In the selection of glasses frame, in addition to the price, beauty as the standard, special attention should be paid to the size of the selected frame and my pupil distance as far as possible to match, because it directly affects the internal optical quality and wearing comfort of the glasses. The identification of the quality of the frame can mainly consider the following:

  • 1. The frame with good elasticity is generally of good quality.
  • 2. The frame with smooth and glossy coating is of better quality.
  • 3, the solder joint smooth, small and uniform frame quality is better.
  • 4, parts assembly tight is good.
  • 5, the size and shape of the left and right mirror rings must be exactly the same, and the bridge
  • 6, the frame should be comfortable to wear, can not blindly pursue beauty.

How to protect optical?

1, one hand will destroy the left and right balance of the frame, resulting in deformation. It is recommended that you hold the mirror leg in both hands along the cheek parallel direction to pick and wear.

2, when wearing, generally fold the left mirror leg first, which is not easy to cause deformation of the frame.

3. It is recommend to rinse the glasses with water and wipe the water with a paper towel. And then wipe the glasses with a special glasses cloth. Hold the frame silk on one side of the wiping mirror and gently wipe the lens to avoid excessive force causing damage to the frame or lens.

4. Do not wear glasses, please use optical cloth wrapped into the glasses case. If temporarily placed, please put the convex side of the glasses up, otherwise it is easy to wear the lens. At the same time, glasses should avoid contact with insect repellent, toilet cleaning supplies, cosmetics, hair spray, drugs and other corrosive items, avoid long-term direct sunlight and high temperature (above 60 ° C). Otherwise it is easy to cause deterioration, deterioration, discoloration of lenses and frames.

5. Regularly to the professional shop for plastic adjustment, frame deformation will cause a burden on the nose and ears, the lens is also easy to loose.

6. Do not use glasses in intense sports, to avoid strong impact resulting in broken lenses, resulting in eye and facial damage. Don’t use worn lenses to prevent vision loss caused by light dispersion. Do not look directly at the sun or bright light to avoid eye damage.

How to clean glasses?

The principle of cleaning glasses is to keep them bright and clean, not contaminated with oil and dirt, and avoid scratching the lens. It can be cleaned with neutral soap or special detergent, washed with clean water and then wipe with mirror paper or soft face paper. Many people have the habit of picking up the corner of the coat, handkerchief, etc., to wipe the lens, which is not the correct action. Because the rough material is easy to scratch the lens. Clean the seams between the frames and gently scrub with a soft old toothbrush to remove dirt.

How to collect optical?

The way to place the glasses should also develop a fixed habit, first wrap the lens with a flannel, then close the left frame, and then close the right frame, in order to prevent the glasses from being stressed, the glasses can be place in a hard glass collection box.

How to maintain sunglasses?

Gorgeous sunglasses let active in the sun, good freedom. In fact, the sun glasses can block the sun, but can not block the pollution damage, so it should be carefully cared for, so that the face can not hang oh.

In fact, the maintenance of sunglasses is just like the maintenance of general glasses, cleaning, folding, storage should be a habit. But sunglasses often take off and wear, accidentally will scratch. So there are some small details to be remind: sunglasses have stains adhere to, do not pick with your nails, it is easy to scratch the surface.

When sunglasses are not worn, many people will easily hang on the head, collar or pocket. At this time the movement of the body can not be too large, so as not to tear or crash. Or someone will put it into the handbag, it is recommend to put it into the hard glasses box first. And then put it into the handbag. So as not to be worn by small things such as keys, combs, copper plates, or lipstick and other cosmetics. No matter where you store your sunglasses, remember to keep the mirror facing up.

So protecting the glasses is also protecting our own eyes.

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